OPMET data - explanation

Operational aeronautical meteorological data (OPMET) are supplied by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), the authority responsible for the selection of relevant actual valid data according to ICAO Annex 3. This page is updated whenever new data are delivered.

Title page offers the following buttons for selection of:
SIGMET, WARNING: SIGMET/AIRMET information, warnings for aerodromes (both in abbreviated plain English) and LKAA (in Czech plain language). Warnings and SIGMET/AIRMETs are shown only during their validity period, with the respective button activated and displayed in red.
METAR Praha = Table of METAR/SPECI LKPR decoded is generated after delivery of METAR (usually at HH+03', HH+33') or SPECI reports from LKPR.
Area forecast for LKAA, issued in Czech language, 4-times a day (03:15, 09:15. 15:15, 21:15 UTC), with validity period of 9 hours.
GAMET = area forecast for low level flights (up to FL100) for LKAA, issued in abbreviated plain English language, 4-times a day, with validity period of 6 hours.
METAR table = Table of decoded METAR/SPECI reports for airports within Prague FIR, issued regularly at HH+07', HH+17', HH+37', HH+47'.
SYNOP table = Table of decoded SYNOP reports form meteorological stations in the Czech Republic, issued hourly at HH+20.

Chart of Czech Republic offers selection of OPMET data for individual airports within Prague FIR: all valid METAR/SPECI reports, TAF forecasts and aerodrome warnings. Data page is updated continuously. User selection can be done by left mouse button clicking onto the aerodrome circle on the map;the latest METAR/SPECI report is displayed also as a tooltip when the mouse is hovering on the circle.

Data availability is indicated by the color of the circle:
green: operational status, the latest report is METAR
violet: SPECI report issued
grey: inactive, no valid OPMET data available

The listings of OPMET data contain an identification header (shown in the upper border of browser window):

OPMET data listing is arranged in tabular form, with each item preceded by a blue identification line containing (from the left):

The header line is followed by message text. Routine messages (METAR, TAF) are displayed on grey background, only the latest message is shown. All relevant accidental messages (SPECI, SIGMET, WARNING) are shown, with light violet background. When no valid data (also from previous periods) available, only the blue header line with „Not available“ text (without datetime group) or NIL (with datetime) is exhibited.